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Simple DyKanvas for working with tasks, alone or with team collaboration.

This is a sample work model based in Kanban principles.

First, you determine your BACKLOG (all that you need to do), but then you use the arrows of the system to “move” tasks to FUTURE or URGENT.

We chose to put Backlog in the CENTER, so you use LEFT to FUTURE and RIGHT to URGENT.
But you can use a linear approach like TO DO – DOING – DONE in the Simple Kanban model (available in THIS LINK).

After you broke your tasks into:

  • Backlog = to do one day with no prioritization
  • Future = to do sometime in the future
  • Urgent = to do as soon as possible

You then can start working moving the cards as you go.
If you click RIGHT on the cards in FUTURE or in URGENT, they will be moved to “ONGOING”.

In our application KANVAS, we promote the use of the buttons (LEFT) and (RIGHT) to make very clear that a certain CARD is following the FLOW.
The buttons are easy to use in the mobile, and on the desktop the user may select the Drag and Drop option too.

After your model is created, you will receive a special link that you can pass to other people.
Anyone with that link will have access to that same kanvas you are using.

At the bottom of your Kanvas, you will find your link to share.

The same can be found in the footer of your mobile Kanvas view

Easy to use! Just click to start a new collaboration Kanvas.

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