Priorities! A DyKanvas Model

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The DyKanvas app offers collaboration through cellphones for popular canvas models, such as Business Model Canvas, Project Canvas or Project Model Canvas

But let’s talk about it’s utilization in the task prioritization in a simple manner. Starting from this model, users will be able to realize the potential of teamwork or lone work with diverse canvas models or kanbans.

Steps to use the ready-to-use model – Priorities!

To start using, just click the link:

After that, decide yourself if you’ll work on Desktop (bellow) or Mobile (above). You’ll get an exclusive link to invite whoever you want to work in the task-list you’ve just created.

Both visions are from the same list. One of them has the “canvas” format and the other has a more practical interface to cellphone use. The link shown bellow your list is for you and your team’s exclusive use.

(The link above is an example. You’ll have your own after the creation)


Found it interesting? There are many other ready to use models.
But you also can create a totally new model.
Request you Premium license through this link:



To know more about…

Following, some screenshots during the creation of the “Priorities!” model.


The following content is dedicated to anyone who
wants to create your own model,
and not just use a ready-to-use model, kanban or  canvas!

Steps for the creation of a new model

This article is being written at the same time that a new (Priorize!) is being made. We can perceive that it isn’t just an easy solution, as it is also an easy work space and model creating!

  1. As a logged premium user, i chose the “create new model”.
  2. When beginning the model, i’m not yet marking as public, neither reserving for closed groups’ use. So, i’ll just fill the space with the name that i have in mind.
  3. Now, I’m going to create a new layout. this formation considers the use on DESKTOP mode.

  4. I want to build something very simple, therefore i’m going to maintain a small Structure. Using only 3 x 3  frames and reducing the title. The MERGE button will transform 3 cells in one unique line.

  5. Now, in the edit mode, i’ll begin to put my model’s info. (right after the NEXT button)

  6. In the header, I’ll define the title, I’ll mark it in bold an identify if it is an one line only post. Also, I’ll define a background color for the first line.

    The saving result is the following…

  7. Now, I’m creating a backlog, wish list or general list space in a central cell.

  1. I repeat the operations to define the other cells.

  1. Now, I’ll create a flux between cells. For that, I return to the necessary activities with the advanced options.
    1. That way I can define a small flux that when i press the RIGHT button I’ll transfer a post to the URGENT/Priorities list.
    2. With the LEFT button I’ll transfer a post to the FUTURE list.

  1. The fluxes created through advanced functions correspond to the following flux map.

Desktop mode result

Cellphone mode result

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