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Kanvas Cards
The ultimate Canvas+Kanban integration

Kanvas Cards promotes team collaboration for both canvas and kanban formats! Get your team working together in minutes!

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Your flavor of Canvas or Kanban!

Kanvas Cards allows the creation, customization and use of the most varied types of canvas.

  • Dozens of models already available
  • Create your canvas or kanban
  • Mix them up! (Canvas + Kanban = Kanvas)
  • Share with friends and staff
  • Manage your company’s canvas portfolio
  • Easy to use with local and remote teams.
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Self Management & Dynamic Allocation

Projects managed in traditional or agile ways can and should be planned and managed collaboratively, interactively and incrementally, Dyress values ​​360-degree communication for project success.

  • Human Interaction
  • Constant Communication
  • Scenario Simulations
  • Results Optimization
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