Dyress DRS

Dynamic Resource Scheduling

No matter how organized a company is, people waste time and money while doing any project. Dyress DRS is Artificial Intelligence who optimizes results and provides earning or time-recovery opportunities, setting the right resource for the right task at the right time.

Managers and staff share information in real-time, while intelligent algorithms reorganize individual and team schedules, ensuring dynamic resource scheduling, optimizing project costs and deadlines. It’s the right job, for the right person, at the right time.

When we think about schedule,
What are our main problems?

Non-compliance with deadline
Inability to simulate scenarios to find the best result
Financial losses
Difficulty in making decisions
Difficulty in allocating resources
Tasks overload

Just like in a Tetris game, sequencing of activities influences the overall outcome.

- Poor, Incomplete
- Reactive, no information
- low resource definition
- Misplaced resources
- No Flexibility
- Risks turning into problems

Optimize WORK
And save TIME 

Dyress DRS can apply Artificial Intelligence to find the best combination for the use of Resources, anticipating Deliveries, Increasing Benefit, Competitiveness, Profit and the ability to perform new activities and projects.


Restrictions: there are no projects without limitations

Money, people, materials, equipment, time.

Planning that does not consider the relationship between need vs. availability is just a letter of intent.

Traditional or agile, projects are carried out by restricted resources and usually shared with other projects in the organization.

What’s your interest?

Project Manager, Scrum Master, Microsoft Project users, professionals and companies who want to have their schedules optimized.

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Developers and software manufacturers who wish to add Dyress DRS Artificial Intelligence in your applications and be more competitive in the marketplace.

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