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Create a New Model

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You  can create a totally new model.
Request you Premium license through this link:

Steps for the creation of a new model

  • As a logged premium user, I chose the “create new model”.
  • When beginning the model, I’m not yet marking as public, neither reserving for closed groups’ use. So, I’ll just fill the space with the name that i have in mind.
  • Now, I’m going to create a new layout. this formation considers the use on DESKTOP mode.

  • I want to build something very simple, therefore i’m going to maintain a small Structure. Using only 3 x 3  frames and reducing the title. The MERGE button will transform 3 cells in one unique line.

  • Now, in the edit mode, i’ll begin to put my model’s info. (right after the NEXT button)

In the header, I’ll define the title, I’ll mark it in bold an identify if it is an one line only post. Also, I’ll define a background color for the first line.

  • The saving result is the following…

  • Now, I’m creating a backlog, wish list or general list space in a central cell.

  • I repeat the operations to define the other cells.

  • Now, I’ll create a flux between cells. For that, I return to the necessary activities with the advanced options.
    1. That way I can define a small workflow that when i press the RIGHT button I’ll transfer a post to the URGENT/Priorities list.
    2. With the LEFT button I’ll transfer a post to the FUTURE list.

  • The workflow created through advanced functions correspond to the following workflow map.

Desktop mode
(This is an example of a model created)

Mobile View