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Dyress Corp offers free apps from the website

  • These apps are in development and Dyress Corp is a startup with limited resources. Therefore, the terms of our services at the moment are:
    • We cannot provide any security to passwords given to us. Therefore, users should login using one of the methods: Google, Microsoft, Facebook.
    • Such services of authorization are then responsible for the security of the passwords and we do not store them with us.
    • We may offer alternative methods of login using standard e-mail and passwords and our server is https protected, but we do not guarantee the protection of this data and the user should not use any passwords that is used in any other websites or applications.
  • The services at the moment are free of charge and any data that is stored must be consider as non-sensitive. Dyress Corp shall not be consider responsible for any level of security of such data and if the user is not satisfied with the offering, he/she may should not use our services.
  • We do not guarantee that the data will be secured.
  • We do not guarantee that the data will be readily available when needed, although we do keep daily backups of all data stored with us.
  • We do not guarantee storing the data for a customer for periods of more than 90 days.
  • Users are responsible for safe keeping of their passwords and url links to their data.
  • Anyone that receives any link to enter a session of our apps will have access to that data. The owner of a session may – at his discretion and responsibility – change the passwords, links or settings for read/write availability of the data.




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