Dynamic Resource Scheduling
is a combination of method, math and Artificial Intelligence to reduce project costs and total project duration.

Canvas Models

facilitates collaboration for local and remote teams, with the creation, customization and the use of Canvas for  idealization, planning and execution of business, products and projects.

MS-Project Add-on

Dynamic scheduling 
with cost and time optimization with the application of Artificial Intelligence,  applied to resource management in MS-Project.

Dyress SaaS

DRS – Dynamic Resource Scheduling 
is our Artificial Intelligence Service that runs in the cloud, and can be applied to your project management solution without having to change your tools!

Dyress APP Dashboard


There are a number of project management solutions that can organize schedules, but only a small number offer tools to calculate schedules based on resource constraints.

Hard Skill Dyress is the application of Artificial Intelligence to offer expressive gains in its schedules, including in collaborative environments and application of agile methods.

DyCanvas allows professionals to apply their soft skills, through canvas, to understanding, planning and aligning the expectations of initiatives with their teams.

Your flavor of Canvas or Kanban!

DyCanvas allows the creation, customization and use of the most varied types of canvas.

  • Dozens of models already available
  • Create your canvas or kanban
  • Mix them up! (Canvas + Kanban = DyKanvas)
  • Share with friends and staff
  • Manage your company’s canvas portfolio
  • Easy to use with local and remote teams.
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Microsoft Project Add-on

Install and use our plugin for Microsoft Project allowing an average optimization of 15% (cost and term)

  • Scheduling optimization
  • Cost and time reduction
  • Cloud computing power
  • Interaction with results provided by the team
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Self Management & Dynamic Allocation

Projects managed in traditional or agile ways can and should be planned and managed in a collaborative, interactive and incremental way, Dyress values the communication in 360º for the success of the projects.

  • Human Interaction
  • Constant Communication
  • Scenarios Simulations
  • Optimization of Results
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